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Explanation of Real Estate Titles

by Linnea Lavell

Recently I sat for my Broker exam and passed so I am now an Associate Broker.  The exam consists a State and National portion with a maximum of 4 hours to complete the exam.  

While updating my new title on my website and all of my advertising, I got to thinking "Do our clients and customers really understand the difference between a real estate agent,  Broker (Managing Broker or Associate Broker), Realtor, Real Estate Salesperson and an unlicensed assistance."  I wanted to take a few minutes and explain the differences in hope of giving a better understanding to our clients and customers we assist with buying, selling and leasing homes.

Each state regulates their individual requirements for licensure for that state but the titles you will come across in each state will be similar.

  • Real Estate Agent:  A person who has earned a real estate license can be called a Real Estate Sales Associate, Salesperson or Agent.  Requirements will vary from state to state but in most states you are required to take a minimum number of classes, submit an application, pay licensing fees and pass your test. For additional information on requirements in the state of Texas, visit the Texas Real Estate Commission website.
  • REALTOR®:  A real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.  Membership requires the agent to uphold the standards of the association and its Code of Ethics.
  • Real Estate Broker: A person who has additional education beyond the agent level as required by the State, has satisfied the experience requirement, submitted the application, paid fees and passed the state/national Broker exam.  Broker's can work alone or hire agents to work for them. The Managing Broker is responsible for the actions of agents they sponsor or manage.
  • Real Estate Sales Associate or Salesperson:  Same as a Real Estate Agent.
  • Real Estate Associate Broker:  A person who has taken the additional education to earn a Broker's license but chooses to work  under a managing Broker.

If you are planning to purchase or sell a home, it is important to schedule a face to face meeting with the agents you are interviewing so you can ask important questions to determine their knowledge, experience, skill set and personality of the Agent or Broker.  For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.



Open House April 22 from 2-4 in Lake Dallas

by Linnea Lavell

For Buyers: Internet vs. In-Person

by Linnea Lavell

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. You’ve heard that one before. It’s great to start out by conducting research if you’re interested in buying a home, but I strongly advise you to be conscientious of the websites you use to do your browsing.  

Here is an interesting article to read regarding online property portals.  

The internet can be a great source of information but it can also cause you to have more questions than answers when you research a topic. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), I can lead you in the right direction and better explain the online property portal process. I look forward to working with you!  

Feel free to check out the buyer reports page on my website for additional information.



Tips on Relocating with Younger Children

by Linnea Lavell

Relocating to a new city can be both exciting and stressful.  Especially for younger children.  Kids are concerned about leaving their familiar surroundings, friends, schools, home and everything they are used to.  Will they be able to make new friends? Will they like the area?  What will there be to do in the new city?  All of these are concerns that children have when relocating to a new home.  You can help minimize the concerns and make the transition smoother by following some simple tips.

  • Talk to your children about the new location. Build some excitement. Show them information about the new location such as parks, schools, fun activities and sporting events in the new location.  Have your children help you do research on the internet and show them pictures or articles about the new location.  Show them on the map where you are moving.  If they excel at sports, music or a special activity, find out what your new city has to offer in regards to these activities and encourage them to get involved right away with activities and groups so they are making new friends.
  • Create special note cards or stationary for your children and their friends in the location your will be moving from.  Encourage them to stay in touch with notes or cards to each other.  Your children can tell their friends all about the new location and stay in touch with their existing friends. Make it a project and let your children help design the stationary.  Maybe use the outline of the state they are moving to as a watermark on the stationary.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and let you children know you want to know their thoughts and concerns about the move then go over the information to put them at ease.
  • Don't forget that moving is a good time to purge items you no longer use or may not need in your new location.  Take time to go through closets, drawers, etc. with your children and have them be part of the process.  If they have outgrown some of their clothes or have toys they don't play with any more suggest that they be donated to a charity so other children will be able to get some use o
  • When packing for your relocation, select a few special toys or stuffed animals for your children to take with them while you travel.  Let your children pack some of the non-breakable toys they will not be able to take and either color on the moving box or place special stickers on the box so they can easily identify those boxes as theirs when they arrive at your new home.
  • When you arrive at your new city, take time to do some exploring with the kids.  Even if it is just driving around to figure out where everything is located in town make sure the kids are involved and add a fun activity such as going to the park or playground.  This will also give them an opportunity to make new friends right away.
  • Talk to other parents in your new neighborhood and find out where their kids enjoy about the area. See if you can arrange a play date with neighbor kids of similar ages as quickly as you are comfortable making those arrangements. 
  • Many cities have special activities for the kids during the summer.  Find out what those activities are and where they are having them, then get your kids involved. 

These are just a few tips that may help make your move a little easier for your children and yourself.

If you need information on the cities in Dallas-Ft. Worth area or help finding a new home in this area, see our communities section of our website or contact our office.  We can also provide you with a free relocation guide for the area.


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