As the temperature gets colder and the leaves continue to fall from the trees, it is very important to make your fall list of things to do around the home in preparation for cold, rainy weather.  The list may seem like it is a long one, but if you tackle one task at a time, you will be able to get everything done quickly.

One of the things on your list should be to make sure your gutters are clean and ready to do their job when the rain and snow begins to fall. You may want to install gutter guards to make to make this job a little easier in the future.  It is important to make sure your downspouts are pointed away from your foundation.  It is recommended that gutters are directed 5-10' feet away from the house.  You should also make sure to slope or grade your yard away from your foundation.  This will help maintain your foundation and help avoid any issues in the future.


Make sure your outside faucets are wrapped and covered for cold temperatures.  It is also a good time to check pipe insulation to make sure none of it is warn or missing.  This is also a good time to make sure none of your pipes are leaking.  Look for dark spots under pipes or on ceilings. You wouldn't want any pipes to freeze if temperatures get low enough.  


It is a good time to check around doors and windows to make sure the weather stripping and caulk are not worn or cracked.  Taking a little time to repair or replace these items will save you money on home heating costs.

Your furnace has been turned off for the summer so at a minimum changed the filter. You may want to get a tune-up to make sure everything is working as efficiently as possible and when you need heat, you will not have any issues.  If you use a wood burning fireplace, get it cleaned.  

Many people over look checking their roof.  Look for lifted, damaged or loose shingles. Make sure to check around vent pipes, fireplaces and any other areas that could have flashing that is loose or may not be sealed to prevent water penetration.

Trim trees and shrubs especially if branches are close to the home or rubbing on the roof.  

Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  This takes just a few minutes and can save your life.  The batteries should be changed twice a year.  Many people will do this when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends.

These are some examples of maintenance that needs to be done to protect your home and your investment.  Your list may be much longer or could be shorter and depending on what area you live in, can vary.  By taking some time now to handle these Fall maintenance items may help save you costly repairs in the future. 

Enjoy the changing of the season and don't get caught in the cold.