After years of having carpet in our living room and laminate floors in our kitchen, laundry and bathroom we finally decided to get new flooring for our house.  

As with any major purchase I make, I took my time to research types, durability, ease of installation as well as cost per square foot and if the end result would increase the value of our home. I knew that I wanted a flooring that had the look of hardwood.  Having two young pets in the house I wanted to make sure that the product I decided on was going to hold up to any wear and tear my adorable fur babies could dish out. 

My choices on type of flooring included real hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile that looks like wood.  I learned about Janka Hardness Rating for the various hardwood floors and finally decided that in our family room, hallway and kitchen an engineered hand scraped hardwood was the best product for our needs.  In the bathroom and laundry room I decided to have tile installed since those areas are more susceptible to water which could damage a wood flooring. 

Now that the decision on the type of flooring was made, I had to decide on the color of wood and the thickness of the wood that would best complement our home.  I wanted a rich, warm feeling in the family room but knew that a dark color would not go well with the cabinets in the kitchen.  I didn't want to have different types of wood in different rooms so I looked at some products that use a variation of color so the different woods in the home would be pulled together and complement the flooring.  I finally decided on an medium shade Acacia in the family room and kitchen.  As far as the thickness of the flooring, I went with the half inch product.  

I researched and purchased a good quality underlayment for the flooring.  Unlike most homes in Texas, we are on  pier and beam foundation so additional consideration had to be given as to if the floors were level or if the foundation was going to shift in the future. 

We made sure to allow a contingency fund in our flooring budget just in case we had to replace any of the sub-floor or had any unexpected surprises.

Then the real work began.  Our crew came out and did all the prep work to install our new flooring. The house was a mess for the first day but when they started laying the new floor it looked absolutely beautiful.  

We did have a few surprises such as having to cut down the cabinet above the refrigerator to allow for the additional half inch the new flooring raised the refrigerator but that is what contingency funds are for.  I  now have beautiful hand scraped engineered hardwood floors in my family room and kitchen. The flooring has lightened up the rooms and added a lot of warmth to the areas.  They are also very easy to clean. 

As far as time required to finish a project like this, the flooring needs to acclimate to to your home for 5-7 days before it can be installed.  We actually purchased the flooring and let it sit in the second family room for a few weeks before having it installed.  Prepping the house and removing the old flooring took one day.  Installation of the flooring took two and a half days.