Many people enjoy riding motorcycles and it is a very cost efficient way to get around town,  Did you know that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than in a car?

Before you hit the road on your motorcycle you need to think about some basic safety tips that will reduce your risk.

Wear Protective Clothing - This not only means wearing a helmet but also goggles, long sleeve shirt, leather or reinforced jacket, long pants, gloves and boots that come over your ankles are important to wear even on short rides.

Practice Defensive Driving - Always be alert to potential dangers.  Maintain a safe driving distance from other vehicles, avoid cars that are driving erratically and watch for hazards such as loose gravel or debris in the road.

Think of Yourself as Invisible - Remember that to drivers in cars, you may virtually disappear.  Wear bright colors, keep your headlight on and position yourself in the best spot to be seen. 

Avoid Bad Road Conditions - When possible, avoid bad weather.  If you do get caught in changing weather conditions, be careful with brakes, throttle and steering. Remember that the most dangerous time is right after precipitation begins to fall as oil residues will rise to the surface of the road.

Learn Proper Techniques - Take a motorcycle safety course in your area.  In addition to the basic skills you will need to get a motorcycle license, you need to learn how perform evasive emergency maneuvers to keep you safe from other drivers on the road.

Stay safe and let's ride!